Utah residents love the Jazz. In fact, we have the sixth-highest fan attendance rate of all the NBA teams. But do you know the history behind our beloved team? For instance, did you know that the Utah Jazz made 19 straight playoff appearances? Or that a Jazz alum once set the record for the highest 3-point percentage in a single season?

Learning the history behind the Jazz will only make you love them more. Here are some of the most interesting factoids about Utah’s beloved roundball squad:

  • The Jazz were established in New Orleans in 1974. Their name comes from the dictionary definition of the word Jazz – “a collective improvisation.” During its first two seasons, the Jazz played at Loyola Field in New Orleans, which had such an elevated court that the NBA mandated nets be put around the court to prevent player injury.

  • The Jazz moved to Utah in 1979 after financial troubles plagued the team in New Orleans. The team focused on rebuilding from 1979-1984, but still managed to net the franchise’s second playoff appearance during that time.

  • In 1984, Hall of Famer John Stockton was drafted. Fans were extremely unhappy with the selection; so much so that he was booed at the NBA Draft. Karl Malone was drafted the next year in 1985, and the dynamic duo of Stockton and Malone was born.

  • Jerry Sloan was announced as the new Jazz head coach in 1988 and the pieces started coming together. However, despite regular season dominance, they could not seem to advance beyond their division in the playoffs.

  • In the 1996-1997 season, the Jazz finally put everything together and dominated throughout the regular season and advanced to the NBA Finals. Despite losing to the Chicago Bulls, this season is widely regarded as the most successful in Jazz history, especially since Karl Malone took home MVP honors that year. The Jazz returned to the finals the next season for a rematch with the Bulls, but went on to lose in six games.

  • The 2001-2002 season saw the end of an era when John Stockton retired and Karl Malone was traded. The Jazz spent the next few years rebuilding the team and the Jazz returned to the playoffs in 2006. In 2009, Kyle Korver set the NBA record for highest regular-season 3-point percentage.

  • Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan retired in 2011 and was replaced by his assistant Tyrone Corbin, who would only coach the team for 3 years. In 2014, Quinn Snyder was hired as head coach.

  • The Jazz headed back to the playoffs in 2016 after a three-year drought. The future is bright for the Jazz as they continue to build around young star, Gordon Hayward.

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