You’re moving.  The forecast: showers.  Your move will inevitably take a dive – taking your mood (and everybody else’s) with it.

Should’ve call Mountain States Moving & Storage, SLC’s premier moving company, which has been providing comprehensive relocation services to families and businesses since 1964.

Why Do You Need a Moving Service?
  • Professionals are faster, more efficient, and more experienced than you when it comes to moving in bad weather.
  • Our movers have worked in every type of weather imaginable.  They know how to move quickly and efficiently without damaging any of your items.
  • Safety is our SLC movers’ number one priority.
Don’t Take the Risk! 
  • Weather can cause accidents.  Don’t take off any more work than you need to.  Allow our moving service to work for you.
  • Weather is always unpredictable.  Remember, the odds are never in your favor.
Call and Relax! Let the professionals take the stress off your back… literally, so you can relax with a cup of coffee in your new home.

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