Are you planning on moving from Salt Lake City for a change of pace or to pursue a career, but are still deciding on where to go? There are numerous cities around the United States with unique attractions, economic growth, and affordable housing to choose from. Your top Salt Lake City movers at Mountain States Moving & Storage are dedicated to easing your transition every step of the way. We’ve compiled a list of four popular places to move around the country. If you don’t have a firm destination in mind yet, consider:
  • Denver: Move to Denver for beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. If you love outdoor sports, Denver is perfect for you as a prime destination for skiing and snowboarding. Homes hover around $240,000 on average, which is a bargain with all of the beautiful scenery to enjoy year-round.
  • Chicago: Enjoy food, art, culture and entertainment from around the world in Chicago! Chicago boasts a number of notable attractions, such as the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium, as well as a rich nightlife. Home prices average around $200,000.
  • Sarasota: Enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and bustling nightlife in Sarasota, Florida! With median home prices of $190,000, housing is affordable for families who want to soak up the sun.
  • Atlanta: There’s plenty to do in Atlanta, the most popular national moving destination several years in a row. Visit the Georgia Aquarium, which houses over 100,000 animals, and enjoy the balmy southern weather. Homes sell for a median price of around $239,000.
Moving from SLC is simple and stress-free with Mountain States Moving & Storage. Our dedicated professionals will assist you at every stage of your journey to your ideal destination. Contact us today to begin your easiest move yet!
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