Moving is a growing. Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing your home or office, you are starting a new chapter in your life to grow and adapt to changes in your environment. But does the environment grow and adapt with you?

Moving can cause a lot of waste from worn out boxes to Styrofoam packing products that can harm the Earth. In order for the Earth to grow and adapt with our new life, we need to make sure to keep some green packing tips in mind with the help of some Salt Lake City movers.

1)      Instead of packing peanuts try to use newspapers, blankets, or even towels to keep you’re items packed safely and securely. This way you can recycle and reuse your packing products after the move.

2)      Don’t throw away your boxes! Mountain States’ Salt Lake City moving and storage will pick up your boxes after the move to repurpose and reuse them.

3)      When cleaning up your old and new places, try to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

4)      Last but not least, grow with the Earth from your moving day onward by adopting new environmentally friendly practices after your move!

Whatever you do to make your move more environmentally friendly, let Mountain States’ Salt Lake City moving and storage help you make your new place green!

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