Ask any animal lover about their relationship with their pet and they'll likely tell you something sentimental. They'll use words like "love" or "family" or "irreplaceable" when describing their furry friend. Obviously, it's a connection only pet owners understand. Unfortunately, people far too often forget that our pets are usually out of touch with our reality -- living a slow, timeless life in the midst of their owners overwhelming presence. So, ultimately, when people move it's unfair to expect our pets to automatically understand what's happening and how to act throughout all of the commotion. We have to prepare our pets (and ourselves) for how to safely and efficiently move. Below you'll find a few tips on where to start:

1)      If you're flying, ensure that your pets are welcome on board beforehand. This is more for you than it is for them, as it would be a huge nuisance to find out that your airline won't let a pet on board. However, most planes will let you fly with a small dog or cat in a specially-designed carry case.

2)      If you're driving, research your route before leaving the house for good. This is a great idea especially if you're driving long distance. Researching your route will give you a good idea of where you can stop to let Sparky out to stretch.

3)      Easy on the food and water before the trip. Although animals are very good at "holding it," depending on your drive, it can be very uncomfortable for them without a bathroom break.

4)      Make sure your animal is contained when the movers get there. At Mountain State, our movers in Salt Lake City see a lot of pets. When they're not in a cage or contained away in one room, we'll usually ask that the owners do just that. It's a helpful precaution to avoid accidents and prevent injury to pets, movers and big screen TVs alike!

5)      Make your pet happy during this strange time! Spoil them! Play with them! Let them know that they're not forgotten (in the midst of the commotion, pets are likely to become very stressed out).

For more tips on how to move with pets from our Salt Lake City movers, please contact us at 801.781.5511 and we'll be happy to answer all your questions!